Elite Greenhouses Diamond Colored Finish Staging


Elite Greenhouses Diamond Staging

Elite Greenhouses Diamond Colored Finish Staging

Elite provide the next generation of work area support for your greenhouse with the Diamond Series of staging.

1. Made from extruded aluminium giving a stronger and thicker material.
2. Can be fitted to any Elite greenhouse or lean-to.
3. Cantilever bracing attaches directly onto the framework structure adding extra strength and stability.
4. Accommodates the diagonal braces within an Elite building, and thus allowing for the first time a "fixed"
staging which can fill the full width or length of your greenhouse.

5. Neater and professional finish.
6. No visible legs - your work space is increased through allowing for additional storage space beneath the staging.
7. Can be adjusted in height, allowing the user to sit directly at the bench whilst working.
8. Provides added benefits for wheelchair users.
9. Slatted design allowing for extra ventilation to any produce placed on the work surface.
10.Ideal for fluid drainage, compared with traditional designs.
Can be combined to make longer lengths

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