Finest Materials

Finest Materials


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Toughened Glass

The 3mm Toughened safety glass that is supplied as standard with these models is in large full length panes, which means that every pane is helping the rigidity of the overall structure.

Toughened glass is 5-7 times stronger than standard horticultural glass and if you are unfortunate enough to break a pane, then it will disintegrate into hundreds of small pieces (like the side window of a car) - greatly reducing the chances of injury.


Clever Design

Clever design

This is how the clever Alton design reduces maintenance by keeping water away from traditionally vulnerable areas on your greenhouse.

Glass overhang on the roof

 This simple design means that no wood is exposed to the roof water run-off.

Glass overlaps wood at the base By sitting the glass onto the metal base, again no wood is exposed to the run-off water from the side of the greenhouse.

Guttering system


Protects the sides by removing roof water and allows you to collect the natural rain water for use on your plants.

Metal base

Aluminium base

The specially designed metal base keeps the Cedar framework off the ground where conditions are damp.
Unlike some other Cedar greenhouses, where it can cost hundreds of pounds to add a base, the metal base on Alton Evolution greenhouses is included on every model.

Optional Aluminium Bar Capping system

Optional aluminium bar capping

If you wish to dramatically reduce the amount of Cedar that is exposed to the elements you can also upgrade to the aluminium bar capping system, this is well worth the extra investment, as it will not only enhance the appearance of your greenhouse it will also prolong it's life.


Thick Cedar glazing bars

Thick Cedar glazing bars

It's quite surprising how some greenhouses both aluminium or Cedar over the years have become increasingly thinner to save on cost.

The Alton Evolution greenhouses models use thick glazing bars, based on 44x44mm timbers (44x69mm in places). To remain cost effective
during the design stage Aton studied the whole process. Starting with the raw material and delivery they discovered a large part of
the cost of the greenhouse was coming from double handling, storage and distribution costs (in large, inefficient fully glazed panels).

Alton found by delivering the Alton Evolution models in a flat packaged format massive efficiencies are made, which means that you get more greenhouse for your money.

Cedar Bar capping system*

Cedar Bar Capping

Most wooden greenhouses have glass held by a beading or in a groove. The result of this can be that the glass 'rattles' in the frame.

The Alton Evolution's newly developed bar capping system uses the toughened glass as an integral part of the overall strength of the
greenhouse by gripping it tightly. When you feel the greenhouse, there is little or no movement in it and you can see that it is far stronger and solid.

*This is a feature of the Evolution range of greenhouses only

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