Elite Greenhouse Construction

Elite Greenhouse Construction


FREE Technical information to assist you in your choice of greenhouse, Base sizes, Heights and other valuable data.


Every Elite comes with its own set of comprehensive instructions.

The level of difficulty assembling each model depends solely upon the competence of the individual.

For most sized greenhouses, depending upon ability, speed and helpers available to you, a building can be completed within a weekend.

However, we recommend you take your time in constructing your greenhouse, plan each stage of the build and follow the instructions carefully.

Anyone with a reasonable level of practical ability can construct an Elite greenhouse easily, however, we can arrange for the construction of your greenhouse in the event of you preferring it to be done for you.

This should offer piece of mind that the product has been assembled correctly.


  • Step ladders

  • M6 

  • M10 Spanner

  • Pozi Drive screw driver

  • Gloves

  • Goggles

  •  Cordless Drill

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