Robinsons Dwarf Wall Greenhouse Z-Type modification

Robinsons Dwarf Wall Greenhouse Z-Type modification


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Dwarf Wall Greenhouses

Dwarf wall greenhouse

Dwarf wall models. We can adapt most Robinsons models to sit on a standard height dwarf wall, roughly 2ft high. In addition there are a number of easy modifications that can be made to the greenhouse which will help you if you are needing a slightly more bespoke greenhouse.

Z-Type modification

This is where you build a brick wall (ONLY to an official special base plan) to the height of your choice and you put a full height building on top of the wall (i.e. 5'6" eaves height - plus your wall) This is useful when you need a greenhouse with extra height, or if your land is on quite a slope.

Not to be confused with the dwarf wall modification, which is available for free on most models (Dwarf wall is when the sides of the greenhouse are cut down to about 4ft and the wall is set at 2ft)

With Z-Type modification you can specify the height of the wall - The most common heights are 150mm, 300mm, 450mm and 600mm, as a course of bricks is usually 75mm. Robinsons then modify the door end of the greenhouse so that the door drops down to ground level, and adjust the glass above the door.

The cost of this modification is £225 per doorway. Please mark your order Z-type-300 for example for a 300mm wall. Then Robinons will send you an official brick base plan to work to.

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