Elite Dwarf Wall Greenhouses

Elite Dwarf Wall Greenhouses

Elite Dwarf Wall Greenhouses




The Elite Dwarf Wall greenhouses are a popular choice when you require an eaves height of which part is brickwork and the remainder is glass and aluminium.

Dwarf Wall Greenhouses are attractive, with their unique styling and are often associated with a bygone era,

The 6’ wide model has a single sliding door complete with Elite’s low threshold and is available with full sheet toughened safety glass providing a neat and professional finish.

The bricks you use should be a completely solid engineered brick with no holes and made to a good standard, to help eliminate flaking.

Optional Bar Capping and Cresting and Finials give the finishing touch.

Note: Do not construct a wall until you have an official base plan from Elite.

FREE  delivery on all Elite greenhouses and accessories to the UK mainland except parts of Scotland.

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