Best Location For Your Alton Greenhouse


You should always buy the largest greenhouse that you can afford and have space for.

Always go for maximum width rather than length, otherwise your greenhouse will look and feel like a tunnel.

All Alton Amateur Greenhouses can be extended with the use of 5’ modules at a later date if you require.

You can always optimise growing and storage space by adding Alton cedarwood staging and high-level shelving.



If space is a limiting factor, then why not consider an Alton Octagonal greenhouse – these impressive looking buildings are compact and ideal for the smaller garden and will provide an attractive focal point as well as giving you years of happy greenhouse gardening.

If you are sgort of room for a freestanding greenhouse why not consider choosing a Lean-to greenhouse built against an exterior wall, preferably a south-facing wall.

The brickwork will effectively act as a radiator; it warms up during the day and the slowly releasing the heat at night.



•You should consider if you have access to water and power supplies.

• Always avoid positioning your greenhouse near or under trees or other overhanging objects, or in the shadow of walls or other buildings, or in extremely exposed positions.

• A freestanding greenhouse is best positioned with its ridge running from east to west as this gives better light penetration in the winter, this is when the sun is low in the sky.

• When siting a lean-to greenhouse you should try to put it against a south-facing wall this will maximise warmth and light.

• For your own convenience, try to site your Alton greenhouse as close to your house or bungalow as possible.