Glazing Materials


Please refer to glazing options on the model of your choice, as not all glazing options are available on all models

Horticultural Glass


Available in 3mm thick overlapping glass sheets.

Horticultural Glass


In the event of a breakage, the glass granulates removing any danger of injury. Elite only use Grade A toughened glass to Standard EN12150 which is primarily in full length sheets providing a neater finish, especially with bar capping, and removes any overlapping glass where algae and moss can often be a problem.

Horticultural Glass


UVI treated, twin wall with silvered edges and, like the toughened safety glass, it comes in full sheets and is a great option where children and pets are concerned. Elite offers 6mm thick on every model with the exception of the iGro which is 4mm.

Remember, when handling any type of glass the utmost care must be taken, as it is extremely fragile when not in situ. Always protect your hands and eyes when handling glass and we advise that safety gloves and goggles are worn.